New lab helping kinesiology majors at Georgia Southern

New lab helping kinesiology majors at Georgia Southern

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - A new kinesiology lab sits on top of what used to be the Hanner Fieldhouse pool.

Instead of learning to dive and backstroke, students now learn how to help people move and live better.

Georgia Southern University student Sarah Creveling studies how to measure mobility in a patient's leg. She hopes to work with people with disabilities and chronic conditions. She says the new lab gives her and classmates a place to learn.

“It's nice when your stuff is already set up and you don't have to worry about if somebody's taken it down or moved it or if somebody's already in that space. You're able to come in, get what you need, and be done,” Creveling said.

That wasn't the case in the old space they shared with PE classes and more. They now have four separate labs when they once had one large room. Students here work with professors on research funding by the National Institute of Health and others.

“We directly fund a significant number of graduate and undergraduate students through the research that we do,” GS professor Dr. Gavin Colquitt said.

They research how patients walk and move either from injuries or disabilities.

“We have people working in cerebral palsy, we have people working in concussions. So, these are real world, real life situations and improving quality of life,” Lab Director Dr. Barry Munkasy said.

Creveling said learning and working at this new lab gives her experience she'll use in similar labs after college.

They say building this in the footprint of the old pool helped keep professors and students near others with similar work and save time going from one side of campus to the other.

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