Pre-council meeting highlights agenda items, goals

Pre-council meeting highlights agenda items, goals

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It may be the first meeting of its kind in Savannah. City leaders going over agenda items before the council meets.

The meetings are designed for transparency and to hold elected leaders accountable.

This pre-council meeting comes just before the second Savannah City Council meeting of the year, and of the new administration. And there are some big items to consider in the days and weeks to come, including at what time the council will meet for regular meetings.

Mayor Van Johnson says the plan, that still needs a vote, is to change the Rules of Council to allow alternate start times for regular meetings: 2 p.m. one week, 6 p.m. the next.

"Right now, we have a Rules of Council that is antiquated and outdated. It specifically says that council will meet every two weeks at 2 p.m. Well, obviously, you need to change that to have evening meetings,” Mayor Johnson said.

Mayor Johnson says a portion of Thursday's agenda will be procedural tweaks like that.

Additionally, council will talk more about what search firm they'll select to go out and find city manager candidates for them to consider.

"We're going to begin, relatively quickly, with the hiring of the best city manager that we can find in the nation. And so, this will be an intensive process, and inclusive process that will heavily involve the bosses, the City Council,” Mayor Johnson said.

Other items to be considered Thursday are establishing an ethics ordinance for council, and organizational order for each meeting.

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