Top Teacher: Michael Mascolo

Top Teacher: Michael Mascolo

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Michael Mascolo teaches science and social studies at Portal Elementary School.

“We use a lot of humor in this class. We use a lot of fun activities in this class,” Mascolo said. “We talk about values. I know I teach science and social studies and that is the priority, but I also want to teach these students good behavior, good values and we practice that every day.”

Mascolo is in his third year of teaching after getting his master’s degree at Georgia Southern University. He says the most important thing you can do in the classroom is build a good relationship with his students.

“I treat them like they are my family. How do I treat my family? I love them. So again, we build a trustful relationship. We learn to respect one another. This is all helps academics too. We build a family mentality and I love coming to work just to experience that,” Mascolo said.

His students enjoy it, too.

“He's very nice and I thought that he deserved it. Because he makes us laugh, he makes us feel happy,” student Saniyah Burgess said.

“Even when you are having a bad day and you think the students are not on the same page as you, your students will surprise you and they will tell you that you are a good teacher and that they love coming to school. and it’s those comments that keep me coming back also,” Mascolo said.

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