Burton Fire changes social media policy after spokesperson’s profanity-laced post

Burton Fire changes social media policy after spokesperson’s profanity-laced post

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) - The Burton Fire Department is changing its social media policy. This comes just days after a profane filled Facebook post written by a spokesperson for the fire district.

After a social media post by a Burton Fire District first responder made headlines, the department decided to change their social media policies.

This is the statement referencing members of the Democratic party, Burton Fire District Captain Dan Byrnes posted on Facebook just days ago, “keep getting voted into f---ing office by emotional f---ing weak b----es who cry at every f---ing SOB f---ing story.”

Byrnes says the post, which was directed at his family members and their political views, was a spillover of pre-existing family tension.

But the post, while profane, was not a violation of the Burton Fire District’s policies. In fact, the fire department did not have a set social media policy at the time of the incident.

According to Byrnes, the department believes in first amendment rights, and the post was made on his personal page. Thursday, a new policy was put into place to give employees specific social media guidelines.

The policy restricts anyone associated with the fire district from posting under a name not legally recognized, airing official fire district business online, or violating copyright laws. It also strongly discourages people from posting negative comments about the district.

WTOC requested interviews with Captain Dan Byrnes and Fire Chief Harry Roundtree but were denied citing that the post and associated fallout had become a personnel issue.

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