Flooding causes mandatory evacuation order in Montgomery Co.

Flooding causes mandatory evacuation order in Montgomery Co.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Flood water is taking over several areas in Montgomery County and is expected to continue to do so over the next few days.

Montgomery County Emergency Management issued a mandatory evacuation order for Three Rivers Lane, Dead River Road and Towns Bluff Lane due to the rising flood water.

“Right now, we’re monitoring the rise of the river. It’s going to keep coming up. It’s not supposed to crest until Sunday, so that means it’s going to keep coming up and up,” said Donnie Daniels, EMA Director.

The Oconee River has caused flooding in the past. In 2016, officials say the flood water reached 21 feet.

“The unknown right now is how much rain are we about to get here in our own area, how much water is being released from Lake Sinclair and also what is the effect of the Ocmulgee River on the Oconee River as they come together.”

“The water comes up high enough and it gets into your house, that’s going to create a health hazard later with mold. Also, you have water running over septic tanks and it’s releasing toxic chemicals into the water.”

Road Superintendent, Milton Fountain says these conditions are terrible on the roads themselves.

“You can actually have undermining of the pavement, so if somebody was to try and go through this they might find that hole and then we’d have to do a rescue to get them out," said Fountain.

So far, several miles of these roads are closed. But by the end of the day, closures are expected to increase.

“We monitor the road to make sure that we keep moving our signs out to keep the areas that are flooded under control.”

Some residents have left, while others choose to stay. Marty Burkett has dealt with the rise and fall of the water for several years.

“You have to be mobile when you live on the river. Especially the size of our river. It can come up at a moments notice. You have to move your stuff up. Everything has to be able to be moved up, tied down or moved off,” said Burkett.

“Once it gets up to a certain level, the transportation in and out to our homes is the major problem, the road getting to it.”

EMA says driving in this water can be very dangerous, so people should remember the slogan ‘Turn Around Don’t Drown.’

Crews say they expect the water to not start receding until Monday or Tuesday. Everyone who’s in the area is advised to stay safe and call 911 if emergency services are needed. The Red Cross is also out in the area assisting crews.

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