Wayne Co. EMA monitoring Altamaha River level

Wayne Co. EMA monitoring Altamaha River level

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - River levels around Georgia are rising and will continue to rise as the state sees more rain.

Many first responders expect it to impact communities where those rivers flow. Wayne County is monitoring the Altamaha River.

The Altamaha River runs for about 140 miles - 50 miles of it is n Wayne County. This means Emergency Management will be paying close attention to the river levels as the storms roll through.

The EMA director said at 9 a.m. Thursday, the Altamaha was at 11.98 feet. Flood stage is considered 12 feet. Wayne County Emergency Management expects the river to reach 14 feet by Tuesday morning.

In Wayne County, there are some low-laying areas along the river which the departments expects to be impacted by the upcoming rain. There are also two boat landings, Oglethorpe and Jaycee, that could go underwater.

EMA Director Richard Johnson said he can’t force the public to not go out on the water, but if you plan to, do so with caution.

“The river is a swift river anyways so if you’re out boating, please wear your life jackets. Please be careful of logs and debris floating in the river with the rising water," said Johnson.

The director doesn’t expect any major problems due to the rising river level, but they have boats and crews ready to go if needed.

You can check river stages here.

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