Who to call when you find roadkill in Beaufort Co.

Who to call when you find roadkill in Beaufort Co.

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Roads are dangerous, not just for people, but also animals. And when an animal gets hit, who is in charge of cleaning it up? That’s one question some Beaufort residents have been asking online.

If you’ve driven in South Carolina you have probably seen it - a dead animal on the side of the road. You don’t know how long it’s been there, or how long it could stay. The Beaufort County Public Works Department says if you do see one, you can give them a call.

Beaufort County has a lot of busy roads. It also has a lot of wildlife. Those two combined mean one thing, some animals are going to get hurt. But when an animal is left on the side of the road, finding who to call to clean up the mess isn’t as straight forward as one might think.

Different roads require different response teams. The South Carolina Department of Transportation will respond to state roads. One call to their number and they will send someone out as soon as possible. Local roads belong to municipalities, and county roads belong to the Public Works Department. But the county says, if you give them a call, they will pass it along to the correct agency.

“Just have them call us, if they call us and we find out what road that’s on, then we’ll make that determination," said John Miller with Beaufort County Public Works. "If it’s a state road then we’ll, as a courtesy, contact the South Carolina Department of Transportation for them.”

Public Works says it is part of their duties to pick up an animal if they do see it, but they say they don’t mind the extra tips on where to look.

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