Avoiding Valentine’s Day Stress

A day meant to focus on love can often leave people stressed and frustrated

Avoiding Valentine’s Day Stress
Couple embraces on street (Source: Sam Bauman WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Friday was Valentine’s Day.

For many it’s a chance to celebrate love with that special someone in their life.

But, for some that heart pounding feeling may be coming from stress rather than love.

While it may come easy for Bonnie and John Vingale who’ve been together since the fifth grade, “Oh, I don’t know it’s kind of like any other day for us, we’re in love.”

For others like Alexa Spagnola and her boyfriend Chase Goodard, “Yeah, definitely a lot of stress trying to figure out what she wants.”

While Valentine’s Day on the surface is all flowers and candy.

According to Certified Counselor Jamie Hoff the holiday also comes plenty of pressure.

Pressure we often add on ourselves.

“This can be kind of a time when people tend to put their relationship under a microscope and a lot of it has to do with comparing yourself to others,” said Hoff.

Instead Hoff encourages you to focus on your relationship and yours alone.

“I would just remember why you got in the relationship in the first place, why do you love this person, why do you want to take them out on Valentine’s Day. Appreciate that.”

Another source of stress on Valentine’s Day?

“It’s hard on the bank account man, hard,” said Rowen Payne.

Money, but Hoff has an answer for that too.

“Remember that your love is not measured in dollars.”

Although admittedly guys tend to think the holiday is tougher on them, that isn’t necessarily that case.

“Women have pressure from their friends and family," says Hoff, "what did your significant other get you for Valentines? What did you do from Valentines?”

While many of us have our own idea’s about how to avoid the stress and strife of Valentine’s Day.

“Just spend time together,” suggests Goodard

“Save your money before Valentine’s Day,” adds Payne

“Don’t marry a needy woman, that’s the advice,” jokes John Vingale, “and vice versa,” adds his wife Bonnie.

Hoff says despite being a day focused on we, the best solution may to focus first on yourself.

“It’s so important to have your own self love because that is what is going to make you feel the best at all times.”

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