Darien’s Adam Strain building saved

Darien’s Adam Strain building saved

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s been 12 years since Darien’s Adam Strain building was placed on Georgia Trust’s Places in Peril list. Now, the building has been saved. This comes after years of growing concerns about what would happen to the historic building.

For years, the Adam Strain building has been boarded up and fenced off to the public, but this historic building now has a brighter future.

Kathi Maroney lives near the Strain building and walks by it every day.

“So many people come to photograph themselves, photograph the building," she recalled. "Every time they go down the hill, they ask ‘What is that building?’”

Maroney described it as Darien’s “sweet spot, and other residents agree.

“The Strain building is probably the last building that speaks to an earlier age in Darien,” said Chad Simpson, whose coffee shops is across the Strain building.

It’s been standing along the waterfront since the 1800′s, surviving the burning of Darien in 1863.

“It’s sad to see something that has so much historical value just go and deteriorate," said Maroney.

The building won’t deteriorate any longer.

The Georgia Trust of Historic Preservation said they are working with a couple to restore it. Marion and Milan Savic just closed on the Strain building.

The organization said it’s not uncommon to see buildings on the Places in Peril list get saved.

“When those local groups or individuals can put the necessary pieces of the puzzle together to save a building, it makes us happy to have been apart of it but also really proud of preservation and the efforts across the state,” said Ben Sutton, with Georgia Trust.

When residents look at the Strain building now, they know history has been saved.

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