Georgia Secretary of State’s office delivers new voting machines

Georgia Secretary of State’s office delivers new voting machines
Election officials are making sure those working the polls and voters know how to operate the new voting machines. (Source: WTOC)

SMYRNA, Ga. (WTOC) - The Georgia Secretary of State’s office completed the deliveries of the new secure paper-ballot system to all 159 counties on Friday.

The deliveries totaled more than 100,000 items. These items included: 30,000 touch screen machines and printers, 3,000 scanners and lockable ballot boxes, 7,500 Poll Pads, a high-speed scanner and electronic management system for each country, as well as the required cables.

During the delivery process, every country received two complete voting setups for use in training and public demonstrations. The Secretary of State’s office offered county election supervisors refresher training so they could then train poll workers. However, each county is responsible for poll worker training and running the elections.

An important feature of this new system is its ability to audit the results through hand counting batches of ballots. The system was used in select counties in November’s municipal elections, the December runoff, and the special elections. However, the Presidential Preference Primary on March 24 is the first election the system will be used statewide.

To educate voters on ways Georgia is protecting election integrity, Secretary of State Ben Raffensperger launched Secure the Vote. More information is online at

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