Residents concerned over undeveloped land on Tybee Island

Residents concerned over undeveloped land on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Residents on Tybee Island have raised some concerns over an undeveloped plot of land that is now listed for sale. A lot of people have questions about the rules and regulations.

This land sits on Polk Street and Solomon Avenue. Over the years it’s been owned by various developers, none of which have actually built anything on it.

“We would like to make sure that people who become our neighbors in the future are going to know what they’re getting and they don’t buy a lot that becomes unbuildable for what they think that they can put on it,” said concerned resident Susan Weston.

Susan Kimbrell and Susan Weston are two of many residents who’ve gone to council with concerns over the land. They say they want the seller to be aware of Tybee’s current regulations before selling it.

“If somebody’s putting something back there, I want it to be built right and look like it should,” said Kimbrell.

Kimbrell says some of the lots for sale are 50 by 90. This is smaller than the standard 12,000 square feet you have to have now.

Mayor Shirley Sessions says the city doesn’t have any involvement in what the owner does with the property. She says, in fact, the owner has never applied for permits.

“The owner hasn’t been to the city, to the planning commission or to the staff asking for any type of permitting,” she said.

Some residents are also worried about the wetland landscape changing.

“There are concerns about wetlands and there are concerns about if you fill some of this land in, the water is going to run off and potentially run into some of the neighbors and flood them out," said Kimbrell.

The city says they’re listening to concerns and they plan to do what’s best for the residents.

“Preserve the quality of life, look at our master plan, try to abide by our master plan, and our land use code. That’s what our responsibility is to the citizens of Tybee," said Sessions.

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