Couples say “I do” on Valentine’s Day in Savannah

Some couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by going to a dinner, or getting their significant other flowers, or maybe candy, but for a few couples, they celebrated the day by saying “I Do”.

Couples say “I do” on Valentine’s Day in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Love was in the air at the Davenport House as four couples said “I do” to their forever valentine.

“It’s great fun. It really is. It’s magical. It’s wonderful. It’s just perfect,” said Judge Harris Lewis, who marries the couples each year.

It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition unlike any other - couples came to the Davenport House, and left with a spouse.

“You can tell when you meet someone, and I knew when I seen him,” said Mary Groover. She and Tommy Groover had a commitment ceremony.

“It was a really special day, so instead of just a generic ‘hey everyone is just going out on a date,’ our Valentine’s Day is going to actually mean something now," said Dennis Houde, who married Jackie to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It wasn’t just newlyweds stopping by. The Chapman’s were married at the Davenport house five years ago on Valentine’s Day, and come back each year.

“We just decided that we’re going to get married some place, might as well be Savannah,” Gerald Chapman said.

“Yeah, he said 'I rented an Air B&B for 30 days, you ought to be able to find a place to get married,” Kathleen Chapman recalled.

“It was the best decision I ever made,” he added.

It looks as though Cupid’s Arrow struck Savannah once again.

The annual Valentine’s Day event serves as a fundraiser for the Davenport House.

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