Richmond Hill Police investigating multiple car break-ins

Richmond Hill Police investigating multiple car break-ins

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The Richmond Hill Police Department is investigating after four cars were stolen over the course of several days.

Police say thieves are also taking items inside cars, most of which are being left unlocked.

That’s the reason for this post on the department’s Facebook page.

Sterling Creek is just one of the neighborhoods that experienced car thefts and break ins, however some residents said though they may feel safe in their quiet neighborhood, they still make sure their car doors are locked and that valuables are tucked away.

“It was really kind of surprising it just hits a little close to home it’s a reminder of how it can happen to your neighbors and to be aware,” said Cord Moore who lives in the neighborhood.

Moore and his family have been living in the Sterling Creek neighborhood for nine years.

He said in the past they have witnessed other people fall victim to theft.

“We’ve seen some people in the back of the neighborhood that have had stuff taken, a few of the cars we saw people going into the cars and trying to take them,” he said.

Even still, he said he makes sure to take the necessary precautions so that HIS family doesn’t fall victim too.

"Before I go to bed I hit all the remotes inside and I lock all the vehicles just as a regular everyday thing just to make sure everything is locked up."

Similar to what Cleveland Critton does in his Piercefield neighborhood.

"My daily routine is when I get off work usually about 9 o'clock I get home about 10, first thing I do is when I close my door it automatically locks but I still hit the remote twice to hear the sound."

Which is why he said he and his neighbors make sure to look out for one another.

"Right here in this first section of Piercefield this is called the box we look out for each other."

He said though he lives in a safe neighborhood crime can happen anywhere.

“A lot of people feel they’re safe because of their neighborhood," Critton said. "No neighborhood is safe because a criminal mind is, I’m going to check it and if it’s open I’m going to get it.”

Anyone with information on these thefts are asked to call Richmond Hill police.

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