State of Emergency still in effect for parts of Montgomery Co.

State of Emergency still in effect for parts of Montgomery Co.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Over the last few days, areas of Montgomery County have been flooded. Water has filled peoples’ front yards, come up to their houses and nearly washed out their cars.

“Last Thursday the water level was about a foot and a half above where it’s at now. It’s actually dropped considerably,” said Montgomery County Road Superintendent Milton Fountain.

The State of Emergency is still in effect for Three Rivers Lane, Dead River Road and Towns Bluff Lane. This applies until the roads are reopened and safe to drive on.

“Wait till it drops off and then go back and inspect our roadways and make sure they’re secure for the public to travel.”

In areas of Dead River Road last week, mailboxes and signs were almost completely under water. Fountain says the water dropped about two feet in some spots.

“What’s leaving the Oconee goes down to the Altamaha, so in the Towns Bluff area they’re still going to have major flooding for at least three more days.”

Fountain says Three Rivers Lane has some areas that are still five to six feet deep. He says since the water is flowing in this direction it’s a good sign.

“It’s dropping. Now if you see it fluctuating and going the other direction it’s still coming in.”

Due to rain that’s expected over the next few days, there’s a chance more water will come back into the already flooded areas.

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