Hampton County Council discussing possible secession of Yemasee

Hampton County Council discussing possible succession of Yemasee

HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Hampton County Council is meeting in an executive session Tuesday night to discuss the possible secession of Yemasee.

Right now the town of Yemassee is split between Beaufort County and Hampton County. But those in charge are hoping to change that by leaving Hampton altogether and becoming annexed entirely by Beaufort County.

“This would be a good thing," said Yemassee Mayor Colin Moore.

“Beaufort can offer a lot of good things," said Yemassee resident Edward Fennel.

People in Yemassee like the idea of moving entirely into Beaufort County.

“Cause I love Beaufort. Beaufort, they got good eyes. They know what they want. They got good views. Hampton County don’t got that. They don’t see that,” said Fennel.

Edward Fennel has lived in Hampton County his entire life. He believes the move could benefit the entire community.

“We already know. I done dealt with Hampton County and we done with that.”

The mayor agrees.

“Taxes, vehicle taxes, growth that Beaufort County could provide that we’d have a lot of help with, the maintenance of the town that would help with that, they would provide," said Moore.

To get the move going, the town would have to petition for a place on the ballot. Once there, the mayor believes it would do well with voters.

“It’d probably be somewhere in the 67 percent range of passing," said Moore.

He says people are positive about it.

“Every time I talk to somebody I haven’t gotten a lot of negative feedback.”

He wants to leave the decision up to Yemassee.

“It’s up to the voters.”

At least some seem to be on board.

“I know what Beaufort can offer and you never know until things happen," said Fennel.

We don’t have a set timeline for when this could happen but the mayor says he’s hopeful because he thinks it would benefit everyone in Yemassee.

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