Altamaha River levels concerning Wayne Co. community

Altamaha River levels concerning Wayne Co. community

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - River levels are high in Georgia.

The Altamaha River runs through Wayne County, where some residents are experiencing flooding. Wayne County’s Emergency Management Director says the Altamaha River has passed the flooding stage, it’s at about 14 feet.

It hasn’t impacted roads, but residents in low lying areas are feeling those rising river levels.

Billie Clanton has lived near the Altamaha River since the 1970′s, so he’s used to the river flooding his property and having some scaly visitors too.

“We got our boat landing and we got 100 acres in the swamp, and all that is underwater.”

Clanton says the water level hasn’t flooded his home.

“It’s not like it runs in. It just runs up.”

But if the river gets to around 18 feet, then Clanton will have a problem. Thankfully, Wayne County’s EMA Director says the river levels will gradually lower by Wednesday night.

“Hopefully the rains that are coming won’t be enough to make the flooding any worse,” said EMA Director Richard johnson.

The director does expect those river levels to go down so if you’re planning on going boating, he wants to remind people to be aware of any floating debris and make sure you wear a life jacket.

You can keep an eye on river stages here.

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