Jasper Co. Sheriff’s Office holds community meeting to discuss future plans

Jasper Co. Sheriff’s Office holds community meeting to discuss future plans

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is cracking down on crime. It made several arrests and traffic stops over the weekend. Tuesday night they held a community meeting in Levy to discuss new policing strategies and hear from residents.

Residents at this meeting said they were proud of the work and community policing they’ve seen throughout the county and hope it continues.

Rachael Shatz has lived in Jasper County for six years. She says she’s looking forward to what the sheriff’s office has in store for the community.

“We’re always interested in what’s happening in our community.”

Sheriff Chris Malphrus says he wants the community to know they can rely on his department.

“We want the citizens to see that we’re out there working, we want them to see the blue lights. We want them to see us just working hard.”

Sheriff Malphrus also says in order to get to know residents better, the department has divided the county into 48 different communities.

“Each neighborhood and each community has a voice and we want to hear that. So we want to go to them directly. We realize as law enforcement, we can’t expect everyone to come to us.”

Over this past weekend, the department made more than 100 traffic stops, 11 arrests and took drugs and stolen guns off the streets. In order to continue this trend, the sheriff’s office says they plan on putting more deputies on the streets.

Also in the works, the department will be releasing an app, creating a police task force with state and federal agencies in hopes of reducing the number of accidents on Highway 117.

Shatz says she’s looking forward to what’s to come but she’s mostly excited for the app and new policing strategies the department has already begun.

“It’s going make quicker response times and you’re going to have deputies that are going know the people in the area that they’re policing and that’s just makes such a huge difference.”

Sheriff Malphrus says he plans to continue to have meetings like this throughout the county.

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