Effingham Co. School District seeking to pass $100 million bond referendum

Money would pay for two new schools, performing arts center & upgrades county wide

Effingham Co. School District seeking to pass $100 million bond referendum

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Effingham County School District is asking for your help.

Coming up in March, they’re hoping to pass a major School Bond Referendum for $100 million.

The school district has big plans for that big amount of money.

Hoping to address a number of issues they’re dealing with across the county while also preparing them to handle future growth.

“We started looking at growth in our district and we know they we’re going to need some new facilities moving forward,” said Effingham County School District Superintendent Dr. Randy Shearouse.

Those facilities Dr. Sherouse is talking about, "we’re going to need a new elementary school in three years, three to four years and we’re going to need a new middle school we feel in around five years.”

That’s because of the major growth the county is seeing.

The governor projecting an additional 14,000 residents in the county by 2030. So, it may seem like a big ask now, but they believe it will save you in the long run.

While the new schools are a major part of the bond the school board plans on tackling issues county wide, not just in the southern part.

Including replacing portables at Effingham County High School with a 20-classroom addition.

Addressing traffic flow at Ebenezer and Marlow.

Plus, a project Dr. Shearouse and the School Board have had their eye on for sometime.

"Some real exciting news in this bond package too would be a performing arts center,” Dr. Shearouse said.

Of course, this bond will need to be paid back likely through increased property taxes, however Shearouse believes the county’s growth may off set that.

“I think with the growth of the county, if that continues, and we bring in new businesses that are paying more taxes, it’s going to lessen the burden on any one individual.”

The bond perhaps a parting gift from a retiring superintendent who loves his home.

“You know I won’t see the building part of this taking place but I’ll be able to observe what’s going on and say, ‘Hey our kids are still being taken care of,’ and it’s going to be exciting times for our community.”

Right now, Shearouse says they don’t have specific locations for the new schools, if the bond passes, but they would be in the southern part of the county.

The Bond Referendum will be on the March 24 ballot.

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