Port Wentworth city council holds first meeting with newly appointed member

Port Wentworth city council holds first meeting with newly appointed member

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WTOC) - After weeks at a standstill, the Port Wentworth city council was finally able to get down to business. They welcomed their new District 1 councilman at a special meeting Wednesday night.

The seat had been open for more than a month before Governor Brian Kemp stepped in and appointed a new council member.

Donald H. Hodges is from Port Wentworth. He’s a retired Vietnam veteran and the new District 1 councilman for the city.

“It’s about us all working together and being examples for the community," he said.

The seat he’s filling became vacant after a council member resigned. The seat remained open for over a month due to some council members who refused to attend the meetings leaving the council without enough people to conduct any city business.

The seat remained open until Governor Brian Kemp appointed Hodges to fill it two days ago.

“I’m very honored to be appointed by the Governor. I really am. There were four applications put up before the Governor, it wasn’t just my application, there were four so I was very honored by that.”

Now, with Councilman Hodges filling that vacancy and all members of council present at the meeting, Mayor Norton says the city can get back to business.

“It feels good that we’re functioning again, I think it’s going be a good time in the city from here on out,” said Norton.

Councilman Hodges says he’s excited to get to work for the people of Port Wentworth and work with the rest of the council.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about anybody else, it’s about Port Wentworth. It’s about a team of us working together.”

The council approved site plans for an apartment building, an Amazon warehouse and a Moe’s at Rice Hope at Wednesday night’s meeting.

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