City of Savannah monitoring downtown flowers during cold snap

City of Savannah monitoring downtown flowers during cold snap

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Friday night could be the coldest night of the season.

Temperatures are expected to drop throughout the night. We could be waking up in the morning with temperatures in the 20′s, making Saturday a First Alert Weather Day.

On display in Wright Square for Savannah’s visitors and residents alike are some of the most vulnerable blooms during a frost.

Sean a lot of people will be covering their plants tonight.

The city is also making an effort to protect the plants growing in the squares.

They do, by selective pruning.

While a lot of the plants here in the square and in others around the city are hearty enough to withstand the coming cold snap, some may not be.

The warms temps we've experienced over the past few weeks have definitely thrown some of these perennials a curve ball based on the number of blooms I've seen around Wright Square.

Some of the more vulnerable flowers include the agapanthus, gingers and of course azaleas, which some blooms are already falling to the ground.

Temperature swings are something the City of Savannah’s Greenscapes Department battles every year, and something they’re monitoring closely over the next few days.

“With the warm winter we’ve had, we’ve experienced some early blooming. And you’ll start sometimes to see some early growth on the plants. And when you get this frost, that’s the concern, is that the new growth will get hit by it and start to wilt. So what we do, is then we’ll just assess it, and if it can’t rebound from it we will go in and prune selectively the areas that might have been damaged by the frost," said Savannah City Greenscapes Department Director Gordon Denney.

The plants that get hit particularly hard by frost are the ones with direct sun exposure, without a tree canopy to protect them. Any flowers that need to be cut back or pruned to the ground will typically rejuvenate in about two to three months, that according to the greenscapes director.

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