Nostalgic Facebook page showcases Savannah’s past

Nostalgic Facebook page showcases Savannah’s past

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Every town seems to have a lot of pride in their community, enjoying the nostalgia that comes with remembering things from the past.

Savannah is no exception, and there is a website that loves to share old stories and pictures. It takes a few people to keep an eye on the site.

Tommy McDermott somehow found his way to be the overseer of the Facebook page, “You Know You’re from Savannah If…”

You can tell his love for the area from the pictures and memorabilia that dons his office wall and shelves. Keeping all of this “stuff” for the site takes some organization.

“I don’t know if it’s too tough, I enjoy it. A lot of people say I spend too much time on it but I enjoy it, and I know people enjoy it, and that’s why I enjoy it, a lot of people that don’t live in Savannah anymore but grew up here, they really appreciate it,” McDermott said.

“Much of my friends have said, does it not irritate you that he stays on that computer? I said no, because he’s using his brain, and being active. What’s wrong with that, and it gives him something to do,” said his wife, June McDermott.

He figures he has just over 25,000 images on his computer. Then there are the books filled with pictures and postcards. He has a lot of gems, like the sphinx that used to guard the north end of Forsyth Park, Union Station on West Broad, The DeSoto Hotel, The Old Bridge and Williams Seafood.

Recently, he stumbled across a post card or love note from 1905 sent to Miss Mamie Waters at 517 West Anderson Street. He posted it online, and then got a call from a man living in Mississippi, saying, “that’s my grandmother.”

“He was really astounded, and he couldn’t really believe that was really sent to his grand momma, and he was wondering who was sending her love poetry,” McDermott said. “And we don’t know because whoever sent it, the name is not on the card.”

McDermott is gladly going to send the post card to the grandson.

He also gets some help running the site from Joe Berry and Chip Grayson.

If you want to visit the page, please click here.

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