Ogeechee River causing flooding, washed out roads

Ogeechee River causing flooding, washed out roads

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The rain may have stopped but the water hasn’t.

On Williams Landing in Bulloch County right next to the Ogeechee River, the water has flowed through to the point it's going over the road and washing inches of ground out from underneath.

The water poured over the road in two places as it flowed into the woods. But the washout leaves the neighborhood of houses and weekend cabins isolated.

Some are already built to ride out high waters. But the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office said they and the county road department have been in touch with folks down here in case they wanted help in leaving.

For now, they say the people here plan to stay and watch the water levels begin to fall.

With so much rain upstream, the worry is this water could get much higher before it comes back down.

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