Flooding concerns continue for residents in Richmond Hill

Flooding concerns continue for residents in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Flooding in Richmond Hill has forced the city to shutdown the trail at J.F. Gregory Park.

The city is not allowing access to the trail until the tide and the water go down. Concrete is barely visible on the two mile trail.

“There’s no access really to this trail now, it’s overrun by water in a great number of places more so than we’ve ever seen flooding in the past,” said Park Director Harvey Ashley.

“I’ve been here with the city of Richmond Hill for almost 17 years and I’ve never seen it flood like this, this is the first for me even during the hurricanes it never got this high," said Assistant Park Director William Bates.

“There’s some places you can’t even tell where the river starts and where the grass ends you can just walk right off into it.”

Things you would normally be able to see, like park benches, are almost not even visible due to the rain and flooding.

“All the rain coming down from upstate and all and you got the Canoochee River and the Ogeechee River running right here together near Kings Ferry, not to far from here and all that water with the high tides there’s nowhere for it to go.”

It’s also affecting the wild animals.

“All their food is also covered up so they’re having to find high ground where they can find anything to eat at all.”

Both Ashley and Bates say the only thing for them to do is wait until the tides go down and the water recedes.

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