Hinesville mom searches for answers about son’s death

Hinesville mom searches for answers about son’s death

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - An investigation continues into the death of an 18-year-old whose body was found on a driveway in Long County on Monday night.

As the Long County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation look into Omari Alexander’s death, family and friends are grieving and searching for answers.

“When I go to sleep, I imagine what happened to him," said Corran Alexander.

It’s a nightmare no mother should go through.

“I think about him being scared," she said. "I wonder whether or not he knew what was about to happen to him.”

Those are thoughts, Alexander said, no mother should have.

“I’ve realized that my son is dead," she said.

Day by day- Omari’s mom is slowly learning to accept her son isn’t coming home.

“Yesterday I had to go pick out a casket to bury my 18-year-old son," she said. 'Right now we’re putting together programs for my 18-year-old son’s funeral.”

Now she’s left with pictures and memories of someone who always made her laugh.

“Omari is funny,” Alexander said.

Carron describes her son as king, saying most 18-year-olds can be selfish but that wasn’t Omari

Carron said her son had a huge heart.

“He’d walk in the house 'You know mom, so and so is staying tonight. And I’d be like what!,” she recalled.

Alexander said it wasn’t hard for Omari to show love to anyone, especially to his 5-month-old son Ah’marion.

“He was there for Ah’marion and a lot of the stuff he was trying to do was because he had him,” she said.

Carron saw Omari growing into a man with a bright future - a future taken away too soon.

“I don’t want somebody else’s family to be in my position,' she said.

Long County Sheriff’s Office has set up an anonymous tip line, and Carron hopes that will help get justice for Omari.

“If you know anything, say something," Alexander said.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call (404) 270-8849, or the Long County Sheriff’s Office at (912) 545-2118, or the G.B.I. Kingsland Office at (912) 729-6198.

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