Increased police presence at Claxton High following threat

Increased police presence at Claxton High following threat

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Claxton High School is in the clear after an alleged threat circulated on social media Sunday night.

This was the second threat incident in just a week. Monday, the school was placed on a soft lockdown for the safety of students.

The Claxton Police Department tracked the phone number and the IP address of who sent the threat and it was linked to a different “CHS” in Maryland.

Following the second threat at Claxton High School, an increased police presence has been at all three schools and superintendent Marty Waters says they are working closely with law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

“It was a threat that simply said, ‘I’m going to shoot up CHS.’ Now the interesting piece is we need to make sure people understand that CHS could mean Claxton High School it could mean Charleston High School," Waters said.

Evans County Schools Superintendent says after finding out the alleged threat was linked to a different high school out of state, they still take every situation seriously.

“One of the things that we implemented two years ago actually is a security camera system that is in all three schools and it’s accessible by administration and by law enforcement they can log into the system and help us monitor in that way in addition.”

He says when it comes to the safety of students, he encourages parents to help with that effort, especially when it comes to social media.

“A lot of times these kids are just adding to social media that they don’t really know so we do ask parents to sit down and talk with them about who their friends are.”

For high school principal Paul Mizell, he says many students weren’t taking any chances because of the threat.

“Attendance has been noticeably less today, students are concerned about the threats that have been made and have chosen to stay home in light of that just for their own safety," said Mizell.

For teachers they say it was business as usual, but situations like this are an interruption to students education.

“My students first thing this morning, they are more aggravated that it’s a nuisance to the interruption of their education," said chemistry teacher Susan Todd.

Claxton police have been in contact with the Baltimore County Police Department in Maryland and the person who sent the threat has been identified.

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