New petition option allows Richmond Hill neighborhoods to ask for speed bump

New petition option allows Richmond Hill neighborhoods to ask for speed bump

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter says after having previous problems with people speeding through neighborhoods like Piercefield, it was time to put something in place to keep kids and residents safe.

Mayor Carpenter says they have been working on the policy for a while now. He says the way the policy works is, at least 60 percent of neighbors in a specific neighborhood have to sign a petition.

After that it will head to city council for the names to be verified and a request will go in for a speed bump in that neighborhood. He says by creating this policy, it gives neighborhoods ownership of their area.

Mayor Carpenter says though speed bumps can be a nuisance to the average driver, they're needed in some areas because stop signs and stop lights are simply not working.

"One of the reasons why we adopted speed bumps in one of our neighborhoods in particular last year we had a speeding problem and we asked officers to increase patrols, they wrote almost 100 tickets in a week’s time, hopefully some and most of them warnings but some not. We did install one speed bump in that neighborhood with another one coming to further slow it down, we've put stop signs up at intersections to force them to stop obviously people slowing down yet people still speed,” Mayor Carpenter said.

He says the neighborhoods who get 60 percent of neighbors to sign a petition to install a speed bump can rent or own. He says they hope this will remind drivers to slow down.

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