Wayne County EMA monitoring dirt roads, Altamaha River level

Wayne County EMA monitoring dirt roads, Altamaha River level

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Wayne County is one area that has seen rain every week for the past month.

The Emergency Management Agency is keeping a close eye on the Altamaha River and the roads. EMA is monitoring around 500 miles of dirt roads.

Take a drive on any Wayne County dirt road and you'll see it's a bumpy, muddy mess.

"The road department is out. I'm out, obviously, checking the conditions of the road to make sure they're passable,” Wayne County EMA Director Richard Johnson said.

Johnson says crews are focusing on the areas most prone to flooding — Lake Grace, Pemholloway and any area near the Altamaha River.

"They're out checking all the major drainage, culverts and making sure they're open and clear,” Johnson said.

Johnson says they haven't had to close roads, but they've been closing East Lake Drive only at night. Parts of the road are covered in water, and in the dark it's difficult to see where the road ends and Lake Grace begins.

As roads assessment continue, EMA is in contact with the Wayne County School District.

The EMA director doesn’t expect any evacuations to happen, but says they have boats and Humvees on standby.

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