Heavy rain impacting Jasper Co. roads

Heavy rain impacting Jasper Co. roads

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - It comes just on the heels of the recent heavy rain we’ve seen. In Jasper County, they are still seeing water after Thursday’s rain came down and caused problems on the interstate.

Jasper County roads can be long and difficult to drive. But Jasper County Emergency Services says they have learned to adapt to the issues and hope to make things easier moving forward. Thursday‘s rain washed out a few roads in Jasper County and caused a few accidents on the interstate.

“We get the water on the roads and it causes the public to have to drive differently and, like on the interstate that was our biggest call volume area in the last few days," said Jasper County EMS Director Frank Edwards.

But the biggest challenge for emergency responders - potholes and water. They say it’s about communication with the department of transportation.

“Make them aware of any road hazards or potholes like that occurred yesterday. There were some cars that were impacted by, but we notified them of those.“

The director of Jasper County’s Emergency Services Division says despite the counties difficult roads, their vehicles are pretty much always able to get them where they need to go in a timely manner.

“Well certainly if there’s a lot of water on the roads then it can slow our response time down some, certainly most of the roads we can still pass by because of the height and weight of our apparatus."

The emergency responders in Jasper County say for now it is not an issue. They still arrive to scenes quickly. But they are proactive in road upkeep and in communicating with the DOT to make sure that does not change.

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