Heavy rains causing flooding in Beaufort Co.

Heavy rains causing flooding in Beaufort Co.

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Lowcountry, just like the Coastal Empire, has seen its fair share of rain over the past few days.

The rain in Beaufort is just letting up after coming down for nearly two days straight and we are seeing the results of that in the roads.

After two days of rainfall the same area that has been majorly affected is once again seeing water flooding it’s streets and being pushed into people’s yards. The city is aware of the flooding issues, but so far, does not have a concrete timeline for when residents can expect solutions to these problems.

Public Works has identified nine areas in the city that are prone to flooding. Of those, only Mossy Oaks is currently being worked on. The others are being studied or are having plans drawn by engineers to find possible solutions for their flooding issues.

Two problems impact Beaufort the most. Rising sea levels and heavy rain falls. The city says while residents wait on the nine projects to be completed, they will at least know the city is trying to be proactive in lessening flooding affects during rainfall.

“At the tactical level just the kind of day today when we know a storm is coming, we have areas that we call hotspots," said Beaufort Public Projects Director Matthew Sinclair. "Areas that are traditionally prone to flooding. So we go out to those hotspots in the city and make sure there are no obstructions preventing water to flow through those drainage systems.”

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