Rain leads to flooding in the Coastal Empire

Rain leads to flooding in the Coastal Empire

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As severe weather moves past our area, there are still areas throughout Bryan, Chatham, Montgomery, Wayne and other counties dealing with flood waters and road closures.

Residents on one street in the Barrington States Neighborhood in Pooler were completely blocked in by flood water. Residents can’t even get out of their homes due to the amount of water filling the streets and some in other counties are dealing with the same issue and more.

After two days of heavy rain and storms, residents throughout the Coastal Empire are dealing with the aftermath.

Matt Arnold lives in Richmond Hill. He says he put a drain in the middle of his yard to help move water quicker because some spots were under several inches of water.

“I was just texting my wife a little while ago showing her pictures of the yard. I’ve never seen this much water so this is the most rain I’ve seen since we’ve been here for 15 or 16 years.”

And in Chatham County, East Henry Street was blocked off due to high water. The City of Savannah says they watch flooding problems throughout the city closely throughout the year and have actually seen less street flooding this time.

“You know, we typically plan for 100 year storm events," said City of Savannah Chief Development Officer Heath Lloyd. "But I do think some of the improvements that you are seeing, where there’s not as much street flooding, is due to some of these projects and some of these small improvements that we continue to make.”

On Roads in Montgomery County, crews placed warning signs on them to keep people from driving on those roads only if they have to.

“If you don’t live on the dirt road and you don’t have to be here, stay off them," said resident Dan Curl. "Every time you drive through that water you change it’s course. You cause more washing, more erosion and more problems just being in it.”

A school bus in Bulloch County got stuck on a dirt road. This comes after county leaders urged people not to ride through them unless they have to.

And in Wayne County, emergency officials haven’t closed any roads but are focusing on areas that usually flood.

“The road department is out. I’m out, obviously, checking the conditions of the road to make sure they’re passable," said Wayne County EMA Director Richard Johnson.

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