Dirt roads still impacted in Evans Co. following heavy rains

Dirt roads still impacted in Evans Co. following heavy rains

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - School children in some parts of Evans County will have to find a new place to catch the school bus.

Dirt roads are still damaged. Crews are working hard to repair those roads. With last weeks rain putting a damper on many peoples commute in Evans County, road crews started early to work to get roads back open after being closed for a few days.

“We started at about 7:30 quarter to 8 this morning, we hauled in a couple loads of clay and about three loads of dirt, just kind of filling in on the other side of the bank over there and we were trying to find the edge of the pipe here so we can get the water off the side of the road," said Jason Durrence with Evans County Roads Department.

Jason Durrence says the damage to the roads was pretty significant.

“About Friday to Saturday afternoon this road here was covered in water coming across the whole time, it washed out the whole embankment on the other side.”

It also forced the school system to find alternate bus routes.

“Even though some of the roads may be considered passable still, with the weight of the buses and the dual tires, we would tear up the base of the road," said ECSS Safety and Transportation Director Tracy Beasley.

Evans County School System Safety and Transportation Director Tracy Beasley says they made that decision because they didn’t want the transition to fixing the roads to take longer.

“We tried to find locations that were closest to their actual home stop but still keeping the buses on pavement. For the most part most of the schedules should’ve run within 10 to 15 minutes of their normal bus stop time.”

She says though this isn’t the first time they’ve had to do this.

“In the past there have been certain stops that have had to be moved over to the pavement off of dirt roads, we have some roads that are historically a problem when it rains.”

According to the Evans County Schools Superintendent, the alternate bus routes will continue into Tuesday.

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