Screven Co. roads still closed after recent rain

Screven Co. roads still closed after recent rain

SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The rains stopped Friday, but water continues to flow in ditches around the county. Screven County’s EMA director says they’ve had 27 roads with washouts where neighboring flatland counties have standing water.

“Ours has the elevation drop that causes the water to get away from them. It's just taking the top layer of the dirt roads off,” Chief Harvey Cryder said.

Flooding has left some spots like a giant mud pit. Cyrder says they've closed roads for a reason and urges people to find an alternate route and find a different form of entertainment.

“Please don't go around barricades or take down signs or put your four wheel drive to the test to see how tough they are and go through the mud making more ruts than there already are,” Cryder said.

He says all but a couple of homes have at least one route off their dirt road to pavement. They've been in contact with those who don't to make sure they're safe until roads reopen.

Cryder says the county has a priority list of which roads to fix first, based on the number of people who live there and the condition of the road.

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