State senator wants voters to weigh in on Glynn Co. Police Department

State senator wants voters to weigh in on Glynn Co. Police Department

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WTOC) - A state lawmaker from Glynn County wants voters to weigh in on whether the county should get rid of the county police department.

Senator William Ligon sponsored a resolution to put a non-binding referendum on the November ballot. It simply asks voters if they want to get rid of the Glynn County police department.

The county commission would not be forced to follow that decision. However, the state senator hopes the county commission that’s elected in November follows the will of the voters.

Glynn County’s police chief, John Powell, and other officers face criminal charges. A grand jury indictment says the chief intimidated officers who were witnesses in a separate investigation into the department’s drug unit.

He is also charged with threatening the employment of officers who testified. Lawmakers just want to restore trust, according to Ligon.

“I want there to be public confidence that we have the best law enforcement in Glynn County, whether it be through a county police department or the sheriff’s department," Ligon, a Republican from Brunswick, said.

Senator Ligon’s plan was to introduce the resolution today and then vote on it Monday. That will be delayed due to the suspension of the legislative session.

He previously proposed a bill that would have forced commissioners to follow the will of the voters. He is pulling back on that due to possible litigation.

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