Beaufort County schools increase precautions over COVID-19 concerns

Beaufort County schools increase precautions over COVID-19 concerns
Part of the $344 million bond referendum voters passed in November will create more space at River Ridge Academy and May River High School. (Source: WTOC)

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - All over the nation schools are planning on closing for Coronavirus concerns. Beaufort County is not. We spoke with the communications director to find out what precautions they are taking.

Q: How are you protecting the students from getting infected by what are you?

A: First, every day every classroom in the school district gets treated with a hospital grade disinfectant that goes on everywhere someone works. Light switches, door knobs, things that people touch. That’s actually happening every day. We are encouraging parents if their kids at school are sick, keep your sick kids at home. If you are an employee and you are sick stay at home. In addition, we are making sure our kids understand they need to wash their hands often. And teaching them how to do it. Especially the younger kids.

Q: The governor has ordered some counties in the state to shut down. You will be working with DHEC to move forward with those decisions if they get made, correct?

A: Correct. The Governor ordered schools in Kershaw County and Lancaster County to close for two weeks. That direction was made by the governor because those are the two counties where community transmission of the virus has been confirmed. It has not been confirmed anywhere else in the state. And the governor has also been working with DHEC – the department of environmental control, and the state department of education to work with local superintendence and develop guidance for when those decisions should be made and how they should be made by local school district.

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