Irish dancing tradition continues despite St. Patrick’s Day parade cancellation

Irish dancing tradition continues despite St. Patrick’s Day parade cancellation
Irish dancers (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -If you’ve watched a St. Patrick’s Day parade before, you’ve probably noticed the impressive footwork of the Irish dancers. Legacy Irish Dance Academy has performed in the parade for years.

“So, when I think about Irish dancing, I think about it is such a mixture of music and movement and artistry and athleticism," said Brent Wood. Wood owns Legacy Irish Dance in Savannah. "It is of all the dance disciplines out there, there are very few to combine that broad spectrum of aspect to it. The history of Irish dancing has been such a social thing. It started off at the crossroads where farmers would come together on a Sunday for the market and sell their goods. And musicians would show up and dancers would get up and dance. And the competition and the competitive side of things have always been there, but the social aspect has also been there from the very beginning.”

“We’re in the studio 3 to 4 times a week for dance because we’re competitive you know," said dancer Anna Kate Clemmons. “Whenever I was younger, all the older girls at the studio were my role models. Growing up seeing it and seeing all the champions I was like ‘Oh My Gosh, that’s amazing!’ I want to be like that."

“My grandma is very much into the Irish community, so my sister danced – everyone’s very involved. So my mom put me in when I started walking,” said dancer Tara Shey Ennis. “We just do a lot of things together. A lot of activities and just training together makes really nice friendships.”

“You know, we’re all a little bummed about the parade and all of the festivities," said Clemmons. "Just because it’s like our time to go show everybody what we are doing and what we can do and go see people and have fun in the parade.”

“We’re still going to have fun," said Ennis. "Its still Saint Patrick’s Day – and I’m still an Irish dancer.”

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