Georgia Department of Labor outlines unemployment benefits

Georgia Department of Labor outlines unemployment benefits

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTOC) - Thousands of Georgians will eventually start filing for unemployment. So how does that work, and how much will you get paid? The state is already seeing an uptick in partial unemployment claims.

Eligible people will get between $55 and $365 dollars a week depending on a few factors, through either partial unemployment and standard unemployment.

Partial unemployment applies to anyone who either is getting hours cut or being temporarily laid off. That is, you have a job to come back to. In that case, your employer has to file a claim with the state.

That process is now easier with some of the red tape getting cut. You get paid in about 48 hours according to the Governor. How much you get in that $55 to $365 range depends on factors like: are you still working but fewer hours; how much did you work before you got laid off; how much you did you make?

The other unemployment benefit is for people who have been permanently laid off. You will also get between $55 and $365 dollars a week. The federal government set that range. How much you get depends on your reported wages for the past 18 months.

We have tried to get specific numbers from the state on how many people have filed already. We’re waiting to get those back. The biggest change this week is that employers now have to file those partial claims on behalf of employees they lay off.

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