Top Teacher: Rochelle Buchanan

Top Teacher: Rochelle Buchanan

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Rochelle Buchanan teaches 4th grade at Juliette Low School in Savannah.

“I tell that I care about them all the time. And I love them all. So, I want them to go on and be the best that they can be,” Buchanan said of her students.

Buchanan has been teaching for 15 years. She says there is nothing better than helping a child learn.

“When I see that light come on. When I'm teaching something and, ‘Oh, I got it.’ Keeps me coming back... these smiling faces, and I enjoy it,” Buchanan said.

She says building a strong relationship with her students is the key to their learning.

“I try to have a personal relationship with all of them. I tell them it's a community, out there it’s a community, in here it's a community. We have a community going on in here too. We must love and care for each other. and respect the same way going on out there. We're family,” Buchanan said.

“She is a nice teacher and she puts up with me. She teaches me leadership and group work. I just couldn’t thank her enough for that,” student Jah’mya Grant said.

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