BCSO gives update on COVID-19

BCSO gives update on COVID-19

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County now has seven confirmed coronavirus cases.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Thursday. County leaders came together to let people know how they are dealing with this crisis.

“Well, you know we have a saying that you’re either part of the problem or you are part of the solution," said Sheriff P.J. Tanner.

That’s what the Beaufort County sheriff has to say about people choosing not to practice social distancing.

“That is from the mayors of Hilton head, Bluffton, Yemasee, and Port Royal."

The mayors of towns all over Beaufort County are asking their residents to practice social distancing, keep good hygiene, and stay inside

“Be responsible and have a mindset of infection control.”

The county knows this virus has impacted everyone’s lives. They are already looking to help local businesses

“Also, the South Carolina Small Businesses Administration is excepting applications for their Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program," said County Administrator Ashley Jacobs.

The school district is hoping to keep kids on track by providing online learning. They announced Thursday that they are partnering with Hargray to provide Internet for students who do not have online access.

“They have put out a plan, it’s also listed on our school website, that provides internet access for students and families who don’t have it as of now," said Beaufort County Superintendent Dr. Frank Rodriguez.

This will prevent students from falling behind due too lack of resources.

Right now, the county knows there are seven confirmed cases. But they want to know more.

“We would love to have more information about those cases, the problem is we are not getting that information," said Sheriff Tanner.

The sheriff’s office does not know where the cases are within the county.

“Of course we are asking as first responders. Especially with fire, EMS, and law-enforcement, those things we need to know.”

But they say if any more cases pop up, they will have to implement more equipment and staff.

“First off let me usher every citizen in Beaufort county that EMS is well prepared to handle the COVID-19 crisis," said Donna Ownby, Director of Beaufort County EMS.

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