Good News: Mobile food pantry helps families

Good News: Mobile food pantry helps families

ODUM, Ga. (WTOC) - A small town came together to help its residents facing tough times in the face of the coronavirus threat.

Life’s daily challenges haven’t changed just because a pandemic has changed so much in our daily lives. And one challenge was met head on in Odom Thursday when local authorities and several area churches came together to provide access to food for those who need it.

“We’re working together, we’re working as a group to make sure people have food to eat. And there’s a lot of people you don’t realize are doing without. And we don’t want them to do without, this is America,” said William McLaughlin, Odom City Council member.

Hundreds of people showed up at a mobile food pantry in Odom that enabled families to pick up supplies they otherwise might not get either because they can’t find them or can’t afford them with work stoppages due to the coronavirus - neighbors helping neighbors start to get through a crisis impacting the entire country.

“We want to be able to reach everybody. We want to give somebody something even though at this time they may have or they may not have. But we want to make sure everybody gets something from this food drive,” said food pantry volunteer Tyrone McCray.

Families who showed up got enough food to last at least a week - and a sense of gratitude toward their community that endure much longer than that.

“I praise God. They are a blessing for the people who need it,” said Tiffny Clark who received food.

“It’s real nice that they have the supplies to offer. It’s a good thing that they are doing. It makes tears come to my eyes because we don’t have anything in our house. And this is a blessful thing,” said Sophie Bennet and Ollie Moore.

The City of Odum and the Good Hope Church of God spearheaded the food pantry with the help of America’s Second Harvest.

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