Savannah area nonprofit helping those in need

Savannah area nonprofit helping those in need

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Volunteers are gathering together to help those in need during these tough times.

An area nonprofit is helping feed children and their families. The nonprofit ministry PACK was out at Community Bible Church in Savannah on Wednesday. They distributed bags of food to families in the neighborhood.

“Well I think that they are being very generous, they are being very godly, something you don’t see a lot in a community. More communities need to do stuff like this in order to help parents and maybe help stop kids from going the wrong route,” said Linda Walker, parent.

The woman who runs PACK has decided to ramp up the food distribution for the next few days and even weeks.

PACK usually helps to feed kids on the weekends. Organizers say their volunteers distribute 10,000 bags per month through the schools.

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