School bus driver giving out meals to Hampton Co. students

School bus driver giving out meals to Hampton Co. students

HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Hampton County, like many counties in the nation, is providing lunches for students.

The big yellow school bus is a sight kids all over Hampton County are used to seeing. But right now when they see it pulling up it’s not because they are going to school, but because they are getting fed.

“It means a lot," said parent Tina Crittington.

“Making sure the children and Hampton County School District One are being fed during this pandemic,“ said Transportation Director Carolyn Shandes.

Over 20 staff members are making sure hundreds of students are getting two meals a day while school is canceled.

“Bus Drivers, we can show compassion. Because we don’t know who that ‘hey,’ or that ‘good morning,’ or that ‘good afternoon,’ we don’t know what it means to that child. Getting on or getting off the bus. The same thing providing these lunches. We don’t know what child needs a lunch, what child needs to see our faces," said bus driver Desmond Williams.

Bus drivers travel across Hampton County to over 400 bus stops. Providing protein, fruits, and veggies to the kids they see every day.

“It means a whole lot that they are doing all that they can do to help to get the kids while they’re out of school," said Crittington.

“So being out here, even though we are working technically, we don’t have to look at it as working," said Williams.

Hampton County has a food discrepancy issue. Many children rely on the school system for meals.

“We can look at it as getting our reward for getting that smile back from that child."

The bus driver is providing the meals to the same kids they see every day.

“They went from giving me purely devilment to giving me the upmost respect. And that makes doing this a little bit more better.”

So they want to make sure they are cared for on off days, too.

“It brings it back, hope. That just because whatever we are going through, no matter what we are going through as a community, bus drivers we can still get out and help somebody else. “

The bus drivers are still happy they can be there for them.

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