Beaufort Co. businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

Beaufort Co. businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County businesses are being impacted by COVID-19.

“I may not be able to control the spread of the virus as much as we’d like but maybe I can help put a smile on somebody’s face that hasn’t been able to get outside for a while," said senior barber Paddy Myers.

Despite coronavirus fears.

“You know with all the stuff going on with the virus and you just never know, you know people have to be safe. And social distance," said client Bill Martini.

Barbers of the Lowcountry has a loyal following. But not every client is so brave.

“For numbers we are down at least 30 percent," said Co-owner Brent Nelsen.

The shop is still open.

“We are open because I have 15 employees I feel responsible for.”

Owner Brett Nelson is trying to help his employees, but social distancing is making it hard for everyone

“It definitely kind of depletes out cash flow," said Nelson.

“Our clients have been cancelling but also just not making appointments," said Myers.

Typically a barber would have 20 to 24 people sitting in this chair every day but right now those numbers have plummeted. They’re down to just five or six clients a day.

Despite the dramatic fall in business, Nelson wants to help his employees.

“We want to keep our public and our clients and our employees safe and healthy but we also want to keep them employed.”

Even paying them when they can’t come in due to staff cuts.

“For the days that they are not here we are giving everybody, you know, those two extra days paid vacation. “

Those cuts are supposed to protect people.

“Precautions here in the shop, starting today, we are down to four barbers operating on any given day.“

“What that’s going to do is allow barbers in our main cutting room here and only one barber at the room in the back, so there will not be to barbers next to each other, and it is also going to limit the amount of clients that can come in and it’s going to limit who is waiting," said Myers.

Because right now everything matters.

“Keeping up with just, basic sanitation. It seems basic but every little thing counts right now,“ said Myers.

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