“'Boro Strong” shirts support local businesses in Statesboro

“'Boro Strong” shirts support local businesses in Statesboro

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) -Some business owners in Statesboro say they need customers to help them make it through this pandemic.

Some are even selling a shirt with the message ‘Boro Strong’ printed on it as a reminder to support local businesses.

They hope people will buy the shirt to financially support independent businesses. But they also hope people will wear them and remind others about the impacts this outbreak as had.

Woody Pumphrey teamed with other local business owners to order more than 500 Boro Strong shirts to sell during this outbreak. They say between state and local government restrictions and the uncertainty shoppers have shown, many are struggling. Pumphrey says they avoided pooling the money to distribute the funds. Instead, the shirts help the businesses directly.

“You buy the shirt from whatever place you want to. That money stays with that store,” Pumphrey said.

They’re still finalizing the list of places that will have the shirt and will update on Woody’s Facebook page TrueGSU.

They hope to have 500 more shirts delivered early next week

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