Claxton High School doing a remote spirit week for students

Claxton High School doing a remote spirit week for students

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - With every school district in limbo on when they will return to class, some high schools are getting creative with how they keep up with students daily.

Claxton High School faculty decided to do an online spirit week where students complete a new task every day, and post it to social media.

As the hallways sit empty at Claxton High School, and schools across the country, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, it’s not stopping some district employees from trying to stay connected to their students.

Principal Dr. Paul Mizell says they started an online spirit week activity for students to participate in.

Each day of the week students will complete a new task.

Dr. Mizell says during this difficult time, they want students to know that they’re thinking about them.

He says it's also an fun opportunity for them to connect with students through the use of social media while they're out of school.

Dr. Mizell says while they don’t know what will happen in the weeks to come, at least this is something fun for students to keep their mind off of the ever changing coronavirus pandemic.

“We have an opportunity to try and connect with them. They’re reaching out to us at feeding sites and through social media or calling us, those kinds of things. They miss us and we miss them and so it’s an opportunity for us to try and connect with them via social media and to let them know that we’re thinking about them and we want to make sure they’re okay and it’s a fun way for them to communicate with us.”

Dr. Mizell says students are hopeful they will return in the coming weeks. Many of them missing out on once in a life time activities such as prom and graduation.

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