The Landings offering grocery and meal pickup

The Landings offering grocery and meal pickup

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Even private clubs and gated communities have had to modify their operations due to the threat of coronavirus. But at The Landings, they have come up with new ways to serve their community.

For a closed clubhouse, this one draws a crowd.

The Landings on Skidaway Island has suspended all indoor activities and events due to the threat of coronavirus, but the staffs at four clubhouses are continuing to serve, shifting their focus from recreation to necessities with drive-through grocery and meal pickups.

“You don’t have to go to the supermarket, it’s much, much simpler. My wife’s disabled and we have my mother-in-law at home with us too and she’s much, much older. so it makes it really easier for me. it’s much, much better,” said Keith Fletcher.

Rather than getting around crowds and dealing with food shortages at grocery stores, Landings residents can shop from home, from a list of items, and pick up orders without even leaving their car.

“We have a supply line that’s not going to get interrupted through our broad-liners, our vendors, they have plenty of inventory and product because a lot of restaurants aren’t doing the business they did before,” said Executive Director Steven Freund.

“Sure, the safety is big, not having to go to Publix. Publix is doing a great job, but the fact that we can just drive up and get our stuff is great,” said Jean and Bill Casey.

“We tend to skew a little older than the general population in this area and we know some of that population is at risk. So, anything we can do to keep the out of public spaces where there might be a transmission of disease, we think is good for our membership and residents of this island.”

The service, which also makes prepared meals from the club’s restaurants available for pick-up, has been popular since starting last week.

“First day it was 60, then it went to 70, then to 75. Went down a little over the weekend, but today we’re up to 80 and we expect its going to continue to grow as we add more selections to the grocery list.”

“And the other thing our members and our residents have talked about is how do we keep our team members out staff, our associates working? And that’s been one of the most gratifying things about this, the outpouring of support to keep our staff engaged, employed and income coming in.”

And continuing to work through the threat is a way for the Landings to be more than the place their members play golf.

“We want to be relevant in their lives and make a difference and keep them safe. Because we’re going to get through this and we’re going to be ok. But this is a time for us to play an important role in our members lives in a way we’ve never been called on.”

The club is inviting all residents of the Landings to take advantage of the pickup sites, not just members. And, yes, toilet paper is one of the products available with a limit of four rolls per household.

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