Community Champions: Free soap giveaway by Nourish

Community Champions: Free soap giveaway by Nourish

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - We are still being told to wash our hands frequently and one local company helped make that even more effective.

Their business might not be considered essential, but that’s exactly what their product has become.

“We made over 900 pounds of soap and then I added more to the car just in case, so we’re super happy with the turnout so far,” said Shoshanna Walker, owner of Nourish.

And the owners of Nourish in midtown Savannah gave it all away at a free soap distribution event for anyone who needed a little help keeping up with the regulations and recommendations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What they’re doing is incredible. At a time like this when we need to be washing out hands. I mean, washing, washing, washing, I haven’t heard enough about that, so its incredible that that’s a product they’re giving away to the community here,” said Megan Kronberg who attended the soap giveaway.

Nourish has closed its retail stores, but opened its parking lot to a continuous line of individuals and families who presumably has left their homes only long enough to stay clean - one free bottle of soap at a time.

“You know, everyone is hurting at this time. And when everybody steps up in the community it helps keep us a sense of togetherness, it helps people that are less fortunate. There are a lot of businesses that aren’t able to function as normal, households that aren’t able to get what they need. So, I think it’s really important and really great that they’re doing this.”

And the WTOC Community Champions at Nourish were doing what they could do to help out a community they have come to consider home.

“Savannah has been a great place for our business. It really is our flagship location. Although we are in four states, we make all of our products here. So, being able to give back to the community that welcomed us here 13 years ago, it just feels great.”

Nourish has been able to keep a lot of its staff working with special projects and by continuing to operate their online store.

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