How to succeed in online college courses

How to succeed in online college courses

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Precautions taken in response to COVID-19 have impacted all of our daily lives in some way or another and left some of us in unchartered territory.

That’s especially true for countless parents, educators, and students around our area, who are now having to teach and learn completely online. Many college students now take classes online, but not all of them.

One program director and associate professor with Georgia Southern’s education department shared advice for college students who usually avoid signing up for those online courses.

“So for the student that doesn’t like online learning, I’m so sorry, this is just so rough right now," said Dr. Chelda Smith. “Even when you are teaching and learning face to face you usually still have to submit assignments online.”

This situation can be especially difficult for freshmen, who may still have been adjusting to college life when this big change was announced. Smith says setting and maintaining a prioritized schedule is key.

"This is a time when you’re really going to want to rely on your google calendar, but also will help you to be encouraged because you’ll have your classmates with you.”

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