Local pediatrician advises how to keep kids engaged while home

Local pediatrician advises how to keep kids engaged while home

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Savannah parks are usually packed this time of year. Recently, it’s been hard to hear the creak of a merry-go-round or the swoosh of a swingset as coronavirus fears and shelter in place orders prompt many parents to keep their children at home.

Even though children are physically out of school, the classwork continues. Many families are in full home school mode right now, and when the assignments are complete, you may be wondering how to keep your kids occupied.

With many schools out until at least April, parents are having to get creative and balance schoolwork and playtime. This can be especially tricky, as many of you are working full time with the kids at home as well. If you’re wondering how to keep your children healthy and happy during this difficult time for everyone, here’s some advice from Dr. Ben Spitalnick.

“While they’re at home, decrease their screen time. Usually, when they’re at school, they get minimal and when they’re at home, they get maximal," advises Dr. Spitalnick. “Now, they’re home all the time, so their screen time is going way up. Please decrease that. Number two, keep them physically active. They’re out of PE, they’re out of their sports, they’re out of soccer, they’re out of whatever they were going to be doing, and they’re eating because they’re home. Keep them physically active. And number 3, help them understand the stresses of what is going on are temporary and they’re going to be healthier for it."

Finally, give your kid time to be a kid once their schoolwork is done. Make sure they have playtime to keep everyone happy at home.

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