Local therapist offers telehealth services amidst coronavirus outbreak

Local therapist offers telehealth services amidst coronavirus outbreak

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) -Other businesses are also being forced to change the way they provide services, switching to teleconference meetings and more.

Adding to that is a local pediatric therapy office.

Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy is used to meeting their patients face-to-face in their office, but starting next week that’s all going to change as they use the internet to begin teletherapy.

Beth Fleming says it’s a brand new way to deliver speech, occupational and physical therapy to their almost 2,000 patients who range in age from babies to 21 years old. She began doing research on teletherapy as she watched the coronavirus continue to spread across the county. While Chatterbox pediatric therapy is considered essential- nearly 2/3 of their families felt it was safer to avoid office visits. Moving their sessions online hasn’t been easy, therapists say there are still issues with rules and regulations in addition to insurance questions that need to be addressed. But for Fleming, this was something they needed to do.

“I just feel like it is our responsibility to kind of go ahead and make that decision even for the families who are still okay with coming into the clinic that we just, we have to be socially responsible right now and so we just have to take those measures so that you know we can try and help beat this,” Fleming said.

Therapists are testing out the equipment and making plans this week and will begin their virtual visits on Monday. They are hopeful this will create a new opportunity for growth and involve the families into their therapy sessions.

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