Richmond Hill businesses impacted by emergency order

Richmond Hill businesses impacted by emergency order

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - A new emergency order in Richmond Hill requires restaurants to close their dining rooms.

That went into effect Wednesday. Other businesses are impacted too.

Restaurants like Omelette Cafe are abiding by the additional regulations put in place by Richmond Hill city council to stop dine in services, however servers say it’s affecting their daily business.

“Definitely decreased by 80 percent of our sales,” said server Grace Cordes.

Omelette Cafe server Grace Cordes, like many other restaurant employees, is having to cope with changing their daily practices.

She says after no longer being able to provide dine in services, they’re now offering UBER eats, to go orders and curbside pickup, which she says not very many people are taking advantage of.

“The curbside, we pretty much go to the customers and then we take their order and we bring it out. Same with cash and debit card and all the sales we come out and give it to them. We don’t let anybody in.”

Restaurants aren’t the only ones feeling the heat from the additional regulations put in place, but gyms, fitness centers and churches were also ordered to close.

However beauty salons can still offer their services by appointment only. For some salon owners they say that’s nothing new for them.

“For us we pretty much operate by appointment only anyway and I believe the mayor, when it came down to it, had to make the decision of letting us stay open and I’m thankful for that because for those of us that this is our primary source of income or our only source of income and it really then comes down to the stylist and the client and their decision," said Kiley Thomson.

Wild Horse salon owner Kiley Thomson says with many hair stylists in limbo on how they’ll make money by not doing hair, they’re taking it day by day.

“My stylists and I personally decided that we were just going to close for the week voluntarily, just to social distance and kind of see how this virus is riding out here in the next week or so, we may choose to also stay closed next week or not.”

The declaration is in effect until April 3. During this time cafeterias in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers can continue normal operations.

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